Top 4 Best Google Analytics Dashboards

Google Analytics is a powerful marketing tool for business managers to track the performance of their online marketing activities. What makes Google Analytics even more valuable for business managers is the customization feature it provides for creating custom dashboards according to the needs of the users. You can decide which metrics you want to be displayed on these dashboards for convenient accessibility.

Here are four of the best Google Analytics Dashboards designed to provide businesses with maximum value:

#1) 70 Facts about Visitors

Dashboard Junkie’s made this amazing dashboard. I absolutely love it!

Image Credit = Dashboard Junkie
Image Credit = Dashboard Junkie

For those who want to understand who the people visiting their website are, this simple analytical dashboard is very useful. Even if you are new to using Google Analytics, this dashboard is really easy to understand and operate.

The types of data you can get from this dashboard include:

  • Unique Visitors
  • Country Name
  • Cities
  • What the language preferences of your visitors are.

These are just some of the metrics that this dashboard offers. As the name suggests, you can learn 70 helpful facts about your audience.

Download the 70 Facts about Visitors profile

#2) Social Media Dashboard

If social media platforms are a part of your marketing campaign, this analytic’s profile can be extremely helpful for you.

Social Media Dashboard

Created by the world renowned Justin Cutroni. Using this dashboard, you can learn about your site’s traffic via social media.

The data you can collect from this dashboard includes:

  • New Visitor Acquisition
  • Value of Social Engaged
  • Revenue
  • Per Visit Value by social network
  • Most socially shared content

In addition, a lot of other valuable metrics are included in this dashboard to track social media activities of your business.

Download the Social Media Dashboard

#3) Small Business Dashboard

This dashboard gives small businesses easy access to all the valuable statistics they need to monitor regularly. All these stats are presented in a glance in real time, providing clear facts to managers about their businesses.

Small Business Dashboard

Google is responsible for this dashboard and did a great job.

The metrics displayed on this dashboard include:

  • Total number of visits
  • Average page load time
  • Number of mobile visitors
  • Revenue
  • Visits tracked back to the sources.

As a small business manager, this information can tell you a lot about the performance of your site in a convenient way.

Download the Small Business Dashboard

#4) Ecommerce Dashboard

If you have an online store, an Ecommerce dashboard is essential for you. This dashboard is simple yet extremely comprehensive, providing a wide array of information.

This includes data like:

  • revenues
  • sales
  • top referrers
  • page views
  • top non-branded keywords

As an ecommerce site, data is the most important thing you need in order to improve the performance of your site and consequently the performance of your business.

Download the Ecommerce Dashboard

If you are looking for an analytical tool that has everything in it, Google Analytics is what you are looking for.