The 6 Keys to Good Website Development and Design

Your website is the cornerstone of your web presence online and the key source that all of your web traffic should be directed towards. Sometimes, when other aspects of your online campaign take up a great deal of your time and focus, it can be easy to neglect your website. However, your website should always be considered to be the centre of any web strategy. Through social media, SEO, SEM, online marketing campaigns and other tactics, the goal is always to encourage your target audience to visit your site and to translates those visits into tangible sales.

Convert visitors into tangible leads

In order to make sure that your website is doing the work that it must as the focal point of your company’s online presence, it is important to ensure that your website has the following key features. During website development or redesign, these are the factors that should always be at the forefront of designer, developer, and brand owner’s minds. If your website displays all of the following features, you are well on your way to online success.

6 Important Features

  1. Attractive, Easy-to-Navigate Design and Layout.
    When a visitor lands on your site, they should be immediately impressed by the clean, sleek design. They should easily and intuitively be able to find all of the information they need, and never be frustrated. Visiting your website should be an aesthetically pleasing as well as productive experience.

  2. Engaging, Well-written and Frequently Updated Content
    While the landing page, contact information and basin information on your website may remain static, there should always be an area of your website that is updated often with new content. This will keep your audience returning to your site for updates. This changing content should always be valuable and engaging, whether it be blog posts, discussion topics, special contests or other items of interest. Whether static or dynamic content, the content should be a pleasure to read and technically flawless.

  3. Prominent, Intuitive Shopping
    No matter what product or service you provide, your customer must be able to easily and effectively place an order from your website. Purchasing or subscribing should be a breeze, with clear product navigation, an easy checkout process and a strong technical support back end. The absolute best was to translates web visits into purchases is to make sure that your customers cam act on their impulses and desires right while they are on your site. If your product or service requires a high degree of customization, be sure that contacting you and getting specific instructions is equally clear, easy and pleasant.
  4. On-Brand Design
    Everything on your website, from the design to the content, the products to the product descriptions, the largest banner to the smallest widget, should be on-brand. The voice of your website should be consistent, and your corporate values should be clearly transmitted. Your design should be uniform and consistent, and your overall presentation entirely professional. Being consistent and on-brand not only keeps your brand strong, but also builds confidence is users and encourages them to translate their web visits into purchases.
  5. Social Media Integration
    Your website should be actively connected to all of your social media accounts and other community management strategies. This can include follow buttons and links to social media accounts, social media share buttons, Facebook comment integration, message board or discussion group integration, and consistent content across all platforms. You want you readers to be able to respond to and share your content as easily as possible, and to make following your social media accounts intuitive.
  6. Looking Towards the Future
    Your website should always attempt to keep pace with the constantly changing technology and available web strategies. Add new social media accounts and connection as they become available. Employ new SEM tactics as the strategies change. Change your content to suit the needs of your client base, and incorporate new keys words to better reflect the identity of your brand.

By employing these 6 Keys, you will be able to take advantage to all of the potential your website has to offer as the central focus of your online marketing strategy!