Twitter Ads: The Pros, the Cons and Everything in Between

As one of the largest social media networks, Twitter is one of the most attractive platforms for businesses. Knowing its own potential, Twitter has recently introduced its own advertising feature that is aimed for small businesses.

Twitter advertising offers you all the major features of ads on other platforms such as pay-per-click (PPC) and display ads; but unlike other platforms, you only get 140 characters to sell yourself on Twitter.

All in all, Twitter advertising sounds like a good thing, but it comes with its own pros and cons, two aspects you should understand to decide whether or not this is the tool for you.

Pros of Twitter Ads

  • The ads on Twitter are displayed in a categorized manner with an automatic targeting feature present at work at all times. The ads appear in both the feed content and the search content of users based on the similarity of the searched accounts and the ads. This helps in displaying your ads to people who share common interests or features with your business and might be interested in your products.
  • Another major advantage that Twitter ads offer is the interactivity level with the audience through the ads themselves. People can open the links included in the ads, retweet the ads, reply to the message or favorite it to view it conveniently at a later time. Such an engagement level is not yet offered by ads on any other platform (Facebook sponsored stories is similiar), making it a unique opportunity for businesses to interact with their audiences in a completely different way.

Cons of Twitter Ads

  • While the targeting of Twitter is relevant most of the time, it is not always right and there are some ads that are completely unrelated to the search terms entered. In a way, this makes Twitter advertising sort of a gamble that has some chances of going wrong at certain instances.
  • On Twitter, the clutter of posts makes it a possibility that the users might not want to engage with your post particularly. They might be too overwhelmed with the amount of content they have on their feed to actually pay attention to your advertisement among all the clutter.


  • Average breakdown of a social media advertising budget is: 57% on Facebook Ads, 13% on YouTube Ads, 13% on Twitter Ads, 2% on Pinterest, and then 15% on other. Source: Mediabistro
  • Objectives of Social Media advertising is: 45% on increase Brand Awareness, 16% increase website traffic. Source: Mediabistro
  • Not related to Twitter ads but still valuable. Hashtags in TV ads create a positive brand conversation. Source: Twitter – might need to take it with a grain of salt

Still, it’s a good idea to try out Twitter advertisement, especially since it can give extra exposure to your small business. Considering the fact that Twitter is a large platform, it can be worth the effort even if a very small percentage of people engage with your ads.