10 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes By Reviewing Insights

The page insight tool of Facebook might seem scary  to some but for business pages that are looking to get more likes, this is an extremely useful and powerful analytical tool. Facebook Insight tool is available for anyone who has a page on Facebook and can give a substantial boost to their marketing activities.

If you still find Facebook Insight Tool scary, make sure to check out Facebook Help Center.

To help you use this tool in the best way, here are ten ways to use these insights to get more likes for your page:

1. Analyze Facebook Likes on Your Page – Super Simple

Using these tools you can analyze how many likes your page has received until now. You can also analyze the likes for each different post to understand the reach of your page and your audience in a better way.

2. Find Out Why They liked or Disliked Your Page

These insights help you determine what makes your audience like or dislike a page, relating results with different content posted on your page. With this you can learn what type of content is liked by people the most so you can create more of that content.

Analyze your content. Find out what works and what doesn’t to increase Edge Rank

3. Learn More About Your Audience

These insight tools help you realize who your audience on the page is, allowing you to post more suitable content for them. This analysis is made on the basis of demographics and activities of users.

4. Each Post Has it`s Own Data – Use It

Insight tool allow you to check the reaction of your audience to individual posts. This way you can check what your customers like and what kind of posts are more popular than others. When you start posting content that audiences like more, you will get more likes on your page.

Analyze Posts

5. Organic vs Paid

These insight tools can help you understand whether the people are directed to your page from organic sources or via paid advertisements. This way, you can determine whether posting paid ads is a good idea or not.

organic vs paid

6. People Are Talking About You. Do You Know How?

By checking the insight on people who are talking about your page, you can check what types of posts made on your page have a higher ability of going viral. When you’ll post more items that go viral, you’ll definitely get more likes on your page.

Fans Engagement

7. Different Audiences Respond to Different Topics – Change It Up and Learn

These insights can help you understand the difference in audience response that different mediums of communication incite. Depending on who your audience is, there would be a difference between the likeness levels for written content, visuals and videos, and you can understand what is more suitable for your audience with this tool.

8. Find Out What Time to Post Works Best For Your Audience

The insights also help you determine how many people you are reaching at present, allowing you to evaluate whether the performance of your marketing plan is good enough or not. Find out what time a majority of your fans are going and engaging with you. Post during these times to increase engagement opportunities.

Time of Day

9. Page Source – Where are People Finding You

Another important insight provided by this tool is from where people are coming to your page. Facebook tracks all the websites that link to your Fan Page and send you traffic. If a blogger linked to your Fan page it might be a great opportunity to reach out and say hi. Clearly our example below, we need to get more referral visitors to send us traffic.


10. Where Did You Get Likes?

You can also get the insight on where your page gets the most likes from. This can help you determine where to invest more into, to generate more Facebook Likes. You can also find little hidden gems. As an example, a website might be giving you a lot of likes but you might not have ever known they existed. Follow up and provide a Guest Post for the site. That Guest Post will put your brand right in front of all the referring sites community.

Where likes came from

By using the insight tools on Facebook in the right manner, you can definitely get much more likes for your business page if you know what factors to concentrate on.

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