Why Is Disavowing Links So Important?

When Google started to make a crack down on what will and will not be showcased on their search engine results, many businesses did despair at the tough cards they were being dealt.

However, Google made sure that anyone who was interested in making their websites better and to help them create and maintain better websites had access to a special set of web tools known as the Google Webmaster Tools.

One of the unique features of the Google Webmaster Tools is the infamous and completely mysterious ‘Disavow links’ button. Nonetheless, before you start using it and understanding its importance, take a look at why the disavow button is there in the first place:

The Disavow Link Button

The Disavow link button is a special option that allows you to immediately get rid of any link that is on your website and is generating a negative flow of traffic on the site and profile. It is also easily accessible on the GWT but incredibly difficult to use.

Google Disavow view

Even Google places a small warning when you go to the disavow link section, stating that if you use it incorrectly, it is possible for this option to harm your websites performance and functionality when it comes to showing up on Google’s search engines.

How Does It Help?

Since Google has started placing a warning on many websites that back link in a negative manner, any website that is deemed as raising too many red flags is issued a warning in order to let them know what is wrong.

On the other hand, with the help of the disavow link button, it is possible for low quality links or links that are considered as spam-ish to be completely removed with one click of the mouse.

Why is It Important?

Having a lot of back links is not advantageous for you since it makes you receive a warning from Google. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that if you get too many red flags, you can be penalized and your site will be rendered as nonfunctional.

There are three situations where it is safe to use the disavow link button:

  • When you receive a manual penalty, using the disavow links button is a necessity. In fact, the disavow link button was made for situations like these.
  • When you receive an algorithmic penalty. While not quite as devastating as a manual penalty, this is a penalty where drastic action has to be taken.
  • When you have to remove links which are considered as toxic from your site and your profile.

Things to Keep In Mind

When you are choosing to start using the disavow link button, keep one thing in mind; it should always be the last course of action that you take. This is because using the disavow link button indiscriminately will have an impact on your website’s search engine ranking and performance as well. That is why you need to make sure that you have tried to remove these toxic links in another manner before clicking on the red button.