Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vs Blogger Outreach

Companies big and small ultimately want to reach out to a specific target market. Either for brand awareness or increase sales. I was recently asked by a major brand about which program would I run and why to get on a Search Engines Top 10. I thought I`d share a little bit of what I shared with the brand.Let me know your thoughts! Don’t forget if you are an agency or a Marketing company. We provide a web marketing white label service.

Blogger Outreach


  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Easy to measure traffic Generated
  • Communicating with Influencers is always a plus


  • Very ineffective to increase SERP
  • Low traffic amount and not consistent (drops after your post isn’t on the homepage anymore).
  • Extremely time consuming and expensive
  • A majority of influencing bloggers still have a low DA (Google ranks you higher if you have a high Domain Authority (DA)) and Bloggers won’t link back to your brand with the specific Anchor text (Anchor Text = “Best SEO Company in Toronto”) you want.
  • Very Long Term Investment

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  • Increase Brand Awareness and Sales
  • Extremely easy to measure
  • Quicker to get to Google’s Top 10 and the ability to get more than just 1 or 2 keywords (SEO campaigns are usually a few dozen while Blogger outreach is usually 1 or 2 max)
  • Increase Quality, targeted traffic to your site
  • The brand becomes an authority in the industry


  • Long Term Investment (though way shorter to get results then Blogger Outreach)
  • Risk of being penalized by Google if doing Black Hat (lots of companies do black hat, unaware that they are doing it. Ignite only does White Hat). Black Hat sites never rank on Google’s Top 10 afterwards, they are Penalized and branded as bad. It’s extremely hard to get the “mark” off the site.


If you are looking to rank on Google’s Top 10 for terms like “Best SEO Company in Canada”, “Who Does White Hat SEO”, “Digital Marketing Agency Toronto” to name a few. You would need to do Search Engine optimization (SEO) and NOT blogger outreach.

SEO will be the only way to get on Top 10 and increase brand awareness and increased sales. It’s also all measurable, Blogger outreach program does not have any long term impact compared to an SEO campaign. Traffic generated from Blogger Outreach would drop dramatically once the post is 1 week old. SEO on the other hand would continually keep growing.