5 Surefire Ways to Drive Website Traffic

In this age of digital marketing dog-eat-dog world, it is easy to get lost in the sea of millions of websites and hundreds of thousands of buzzwords. It is not enough that you are able to identify the needs of your customers or craft a compelling message in your website. You need to win the first challenge of bringing readers to your website.

Digital marketers recognize this and have moved beyond the traditional site creation and content publishing to understanding who their target site visitors are and how to design content specifically to them.

Below are five ways to guarantee more traffic to your website:

1. Be more popular with SEO.

The power of Search Engine Optimization cannot be denied. Businesses are now placing a high level of importance on keeping their website into a constant stream of digital exposure through keyword strategy, acquiring new keyword trends from the internet, and analytics. Show up in more search results with the use of related and popular keywords into your website content.

2. Use the power of social media.

Personalize the digital experience! Social media is one of the most powerful tools of digital marketing these days. It has become the staple tool of websites in attracting more traffic into websites. Virtually all people are already digitally connected. People love social interaction and posting significant pictures and videos of themselves anywhere and anytime is still the leading trend.

Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.

Use this lifestyle trend to use engaging relevant social media posts to attract your target customers. With the many popular social media platforms virtually connecting millions of potential site visitors, just an icon of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are enough to assure you a significant stream of unique website traffic.

3. Optimize your website functionalities.

To put it simpler, make your website work! People will not want to visit a website that takes a minute for a page to load or has image icons instead of the real image. Make sure your links work and even your mailbox. Is your website working properly on different browsers and platforms? Can your website be properly viewed on mobile? Make sure your website is fast, responsive, and properly integrated.

4. Content personalization.

Be different! Winning the eyes and attracting visitors are a highly competitive struggle. Stand out from competition and tailor your content to your target site visitors. Gone are the days when marketers infuse every content and stack all functionalities into their website. Doing that today will make a site congested and lure potential visitors away at a glance.

Try not to be everything at the same time. You just need to focus your content on the profile of your visitors. Here are some tips to improve your content:

  • Use images and infographics. Nothing draws the eye more than a relevant image.
  • Post blog articles and insert various relevant links to build exposure.
  • Create an interactive page or section where users can post comments. This establishes an engaging personality of your website.
  • Keep your nose on your competitors. Watch what they do and their customers’ reaction. Are they looking for a different functionality? Tap their disadvantage and use it to your advantage.
  • Be on toes with the latest digital marketing strategies. Is your website up to date? Leverage on the latest trends and make your website a real whopper.

5. Don’t underestimate the basic marketing tools.

The basic online marketing tools haven’t gone anywhere. Newsletters and blog posts are still useful tools to engage potential site visitors. Effective newsletters can drive traffic to your website and blog posts can easily be infused with keywords to drive search crawlers into moving your website higher up the search results.