How to Increase Lead Generation: Website Edition

Businesses today do everything in their power to get their audience from different verticals (Facebook, email, walk-ins…etc) to their websites. Even though there website isn’t designed to effectively turn the audience into a lead.

Why? Because even though individuals visit the site, there isn’t anything worth their while on the site to convince them to become leads. This is critically important…

Nothing Worth Their While to Convience Them to Convert

Before you try to do anything else in order to boost lead generation, you first need to create a website that is designed for the sole purpose of lead building. Just because you like your site doesn’t mean your audience will.

To help you out, here are a couple of simple tips that can ensure that your website will convert visitors into leads:

Use Funnel Tactics

The best way to convert your site audience into leads is to provide them with opportunities as much as possible. I’ve been talking about Website Lead Generating Tactics for awhile now.


The image above is a prime example (it’s a screenshot of our Digital Marketing Agency). The homepage has 2 quick call to actions, a simple contact us button and a Free Website Analysis. There are more funnel tactics on the homepage but I didn’t want to go over board!

Therefore, you should use as many call-to-action triggers on your site as possible. The simplest way to do this is to add a newsletter subscription form on every page of your site (sidebar maybe?).

The most important part about Funnel Tactics is that as a user is scrolling down the page, there should be several options to communicate with you. Giving more options just logically gives them more opportunities to reach out. Make it easy for your audience.

Stay Away from the Personals

The most basic mistake that many websites make, one that can bring down their lead generation rate remarkably, is asking for too much information.Now in saying that, I am a bit bias because all my major forms (service pages) all contain very long forms asking for a ton of information. I do this on purpose. If a person fills out that form, it really means they are interested in the service. The leads I find are higher quality. The downside to having long forms is simple, you get less quantity but better quality.

If you want more leads but ones you will need to vet through more. Ask less in your forms, stick to the basics:

  • First Name/Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Company Name
  • Message

You shouldn’t be asking what ‘service’ you are interested in because you should be able to track what page form it came from on your site.

More Fields = Less Leads, Better Quality

Less Fields = More Leads, Less Quality

Create Blog Posts

Regularly creating blogs posts for your site, providing the latest information to your audience related to your products or services is the best way to increase audience on your site.

Look at a blog post as a big billboard that stays up forever on the web. The more billboards you have, the higher chance people will start seeing more of your company online. Now making your blog post SEO friendly makes it go even further!

Don’t forget to link to old blog posts that are good and related to the article. As an example, here is an awesome article on How to Use Google Analytics, Great Digital Marketing Agencies, and my personal favourite/oldie Building a Content Marketing Strategy.

Add Phone Number

Usually, companies only include their phone number on their “Contact” page. Even when people are willing to contact you, the extra movement on your site might make them reluctant. Therefore, you should include your phone number on every page, and if possible, a direct calling button that can connect site visitors to you using online calling services. The screenshots below have the phone number in the header allowing the consumer to quickly call them if they wish:

Call to action

Canadian Digital Marketing Agency Interactive Toronto Ignite

In all honesty, i think these are a bit tame. Yes the colours are different (call-to-action to get your eye to look that way). Don’t be scared to have CALL NOW in big letters. It’s a call-to-action designed simply to get people to call you.

Add Testimonials

If you want your customers to buy something from you, you have to build credibility first. The first place customers look at when they want to make purchase decisions are reviews about your business. Therefore, you should always have customer testimonial at your site so that your audience doesn’t have to look far for it.

Offer Incentives

The best way to encourage your site visitors to sign up for subscriptions is to offer them some kind of incentive for doing so. You can provide visitors with free premium content like e-Books or you can offer discounts on products. Here is an exit pop-up (only shows when your cursor moves off screen) from our website offering a whitepaper:


With these things in mind, you can make your website far more effective in terms of lead generation.

Now if your audience comes to your site from different online platforms, they would definitely find more reasons to subscribe than before.