From Around the Web: Content Marketing, Facebook and Google.

Content Marketing is a Must for 2013

Why is Content Marketing a must? Content Marketing (also known as in-bound marketing) has several benefits packaged together.

Below are a few quick highlights:

  1. Increases website traffic
  2. Increases website’s Search Engine Presence (SEO) – more pages indexed
  3. Provides value to consumers
  4. Increases branded content for other marketing material (newsletter, social media management, eBook… just to name a few)
  5. Generates leads
Content Marketing Increases Your Reach, Your Reputation and Your Leads

Google’s Analytic’s Guide for Lead Generation


Google has provided a pretty nifty and step-by-step guide on methods to track your lead generation from your website. I asked a few Digital Marketers how they use the simple Goal based feature in Google Analytic’s.  I was surprised to find out a majority of the Digital Marketers I asked don’t even use Google Analytic’s Goal feature.

If you do not have Google Analytic’s Goal features setup for your website. Please do so immediately, it allows you to know what ads, traffic sources, pages generated you leads. Allowing you to focus more of your energy or ad dollars into those section.

Most importantly, if you are running ANY ads or promoting your site in other methods. Make sure to use URL builder, it allows you to track every click/visitor that came to your site. Plus, if you have the Goal feature setup. You will also be able to track the leads generated.

Don’t forget about your CRM integration. For websites that are generating several leads a day, I’d highly recommend integrating your website and CRM together. It is a lot more efficient and will save your team hours it won’t need to input data.

Facebook is Stepping it Up Quickly


Good-bye ‘Subscribe’ on Facebook. Facebook has heard its users complain about the confusing ‘subscribe’ option, where it allowed a user to subscribe to a friends/brands posts. The feature still stays the same, as it will just be a name change from Subscribe to ‘Follow’.

Facebook is also taking Customer Service seriously. In a step to help more local companies and brands with customer service. Facebook is suppose to be in talks with about integrating a Chat option into Facebook to allow page owners to directly communicate with Facebook Customer Service. This is all in an effort to provide more support to small businesses to jump on Facebook ads.

SEO Audit for Websites to Consider

We have been conducting ‘SEO Audits’ now for awhile and I was thrilled to see the term take off a bit (I wish I could take credit). Tom from Search Engine Land wrote a nice detailed article on 5 SEO Audits to consider. If you are looking at enahncing or creating a website from scratch it is always worth doing an SEO audit once a year.

Your website, as it grows, starts to get growing pains. Many issues start to occur when websites start generating more traffic. It could be a non-scale able platform or lack of a proper architecture (most common reason). 3rd party services might become obsolete and server calls (if you have any Twitter or Facebook widget/API on your site you call there server).