Google Introduces New Features on Desktop Search

Google has officially rolled out its redesigned desktop search results!

This includes new site names, favicons, and sponsored labels.

After launching this design for the mobile search results last October, it’s now live for desktop users.

Let’s take a look at the changes and how they can affect your online visibility.

What Has Changed?

The most obvious change to desktop search is the addition of favicons next to each website listed in the search results.

These are small icons that represent each website you visit.

They help make it easier to identify which sites are which without having to read through the lengthy descriptions that often accompany search results.

Additionally, Google will now be displaying a “Sponsored” label next to any ads that appear in the search results, making it easy for users to distinguish between paid advertisements and organic listings.

Lastly, all websites will now be displayed with their full URL instead of just their domain name (i.e., vs


What Does This Mean For SEO?

While none of these changes have a direct impact on SEO rankings or performance, they do offer some advantages when it comes to improving visibility online and increasing click-through rates (CTRs).

For starters, having a recognizable icon associated with your website makes it easier for users to identify your brand amongst a sea of other search result options.

This can go a long way in terms of helping potential customers find you more easily online.

While adding a “Sponsored” label beside ads may seem like an insignificant update from Google’s perspective, it could actually help improve CTRs by providing searchers with more detailed information about what listings are organic and which ones are paid advertisements.

Therefore, this change makes searchers more likely to click on organic listings as opposed to sponsored ones, since they don’t want to inadvertently pay for something they don’t need or want.

Google’s recent changes to their desktop search results provide a great opportunity for brands looking to improve their visibility online and increase CTRs from searches made by potential customers.

Having recognizable icons associated with websites makes them easier for users to find among competing options; plus adding labels beside sponsored ads helps promote transparency when it comes time for searchers to decide what content they want or need from the web page provided in the search result!

With these updates firmly in place on desktop searches everywhere, brands should start seeing improved performance as soon as possible.