How to Increase Lead Generation: Email Marketing Edition

Despite several new online marketing tools becoming popular, the effectiveness of email marketing, especially when it comes to lead generation, is undeniable. If you know how to use emails in the right way and follow some common best practices of email marketing, you can increase the number of leads you generate significantly.

To make sure you aren’t missing out on the potential of this important lead generation tool, here are some tips that can help you generate more leads through emails:

Your Message Should Really be Important

Email messages are considered as personal messages sent to individuals considering the fact that they will require time and attention of the recipient.

Therefore, you should respect their time and make sure that the message you are sending through the email is really as important for them as it seems to you. When a message is important, your reader will definitely open it and see what it says and there is a good chance of them acting on it. If you send too many irrelevant messages, you will soon be added to the spam list.

Learn More about People before Sending Emails

When you create a list of people you want to send email messages, this list should have more information about them than their name.

This information includes their past history with your business, their designation, education and some other demographic and psychographic factors about them. Based on this information, you can divide them into different groups, creating customized messages for them to be used in your email marketing campaigns. Customization that makes customer relate more with your product or service offering can definitely bring in more leads.

Give Them a Reason to Open Your Mail

Most of the mails from unknown sources go into the trash without being opened for a simple reason: the subject line isn’t enticing enough.

When you are sending email messages, you need to add some kind of incentive in the subject line that prompts the receiver to open it. If you are sending a message regarding some promotional offer, the main saving or benefit of that offer should be included in the subject line. Knowing that the information in the message can help them save 20% on your products will prompt them to open and read the mail.

Avoid Clutter

One of the basic reasons why emails don’t receive the attention they deserve is because they are over-cluttered. If you want to make your emails effective and generate more leads for your business, you have to keep them orderly. The best way to do that is to use three typefaces at maximum so that it gets easier for the person receiving the mail to read it. The main message, along with a call-to-action should be added above the fold to make it visible to people which will substantially increase the chances of clicks on the CTA tabs.

If you send out email messages carefully, you can turn them into one of the most effective lead generation tools for your business.

Be careful when creating email marketing messages, and keep these simple tips in mind to make the message more effective.