District of Columbia’s Cannabis Marketing Laws

As a local dispensary in District of Columbia, you’ll be happy to know that this is one state that isn’t overly strict with their cannabis dispensary marketing laws. In fact, the advertising restrictions only pertain to sign advertising and prohibited statements. Though, it’s still imperative to be well-versed in them to ensure you comply with the laws enforced by the state.

Restrictions on the Placements of Sign Advertisements

The District of Columbia has placed a restriction on where weed dispensary marketing sign advertisements can be placed. As a general rule of thumb, it can never be placed in an area that is visible from the exterior of the establishment. To further on that, absolutely zero advertisements relating to the medical dispensary or marijuana can be displayed on the exterior of any window or on the exterior or interior of any door.

Your Window Dispensary Marketing Cannot Display the Price

If you have found a place to display your sign advertisement on the interior of a window and in an area that is not visible to the public (ie: seen from a window within the establishment), you can certainly do so within the District of Columbia. However, the advertisement cannot display the prices of medical marijuana.

All Dispensary Marketing Must Refrain from Using Materials That Entice Individuals Under Age
A common cannabis dispensary marketing law that is being enforced by the majority of states is that all marketing must refrain from using elements, such as images, objects or illustrations, that are captivating to individuals under age. In fact, the law states that you “shall now use any picture or illustration that depicts a child or immature person, or objects (such as toys), suggestive of the presence of a child”. As such, any statement, picture, device or illustration used within your dispensary marketing should be precisely designed to clearly appeal to those of age to avoid any discrepancies.

Any Statements Made on Your Dispensary Marketing Must Be Truthful

Yet another common dispensary marketing law that is being enforced in the majority of states is that any statements made on dispensary marketing materials must be truthful. However, not only must they be truthful but they must also refrain from being misleading with regards to the price, ingredients, source and health benefits.
Additionally, any statements that encourage the use or sale or medical marijuana without having a registration card is strictly prohibited.

Despite District of Columbia having fairly relaxed cannabis dispensary marketing laws, they do still largely restrict the type of marketing that can be done. Thus, it’s important to expand your horizon from the physical location of your local dispensary and into the Interweb.

Dispensary SEO is a powerful marketing tactic that can ensure your medical dispensary appears at the top of the list of dispensaries when people are searching for one closest to them. It’s also a marketing tactic that is extremely easy to adapt to the cannabis dispensary marketing laws, presenting you with an effective and appropriate way to advertise your business.